Zakat (Alms Giving)

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a form of charity, that is obligatory on all those who meet the requirements. The word Zakat means ‘to cleanse’. Zakat is a means to purify one’s wealth and build a stronger connection with Allah. Giving Zakat to our needy brothers and sisters not only purifies the wealth and the heart but also creates barakah. The practice of giving Zakat is our way of acknowledging our gratitude to Allah for all His blessing and that good fortune is to be shared. 

Zakat is only compulsory on the people who meet the threshold set for Nisab*. It is essential for anyone to give 2.5% of their wealth in Zakat if, they have possessed wealth over the threshold of Nisab for a whole year.

What is Nisab?

Nisab is the minimum amount that a Muslim must possess in order to be obliged for zakat.

The Nisab was set by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at a rate equivalent to: 87.48 grams of gold and 612.36 grams of silver.

As neither silver nor gold is used as currency nowadays, the best practice is to find out the equivalent monetary exchange value of the rates the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) set in your local currency. This can be done by checking the latest market rates for Gold and Silver.

Our Zakat Calculator displays Gold and Silver rates that are updated daily.

You can still give Sadaqah even if you are not in possession of wealth in excess. To find out your eligibility, and to calculate your Zakat please use our calculator.

The Benefits of Zakat

Zakat ensures that the money is well circulated within a society. It provides financial relief to those who are needy, in debt, unwell or have fallen upon hard times. It also provides the opportunity for everyone to have the basic necessities for living.

Zakat cleanses a Muslim’s soul and provides an opportunity to get rid of greed, avarice, and stinginess. It reminds us to keep our attachments to worldly things in check. 

It helps strengthen the mutual feeling of care and solidarity amongst a society.

Where Your Zakat Is Used

Most of Al Mustafa Trust’s projects are eligible for Zakat. We carry out extensive food distribution, widow and orphan support, safe water and health care projects across the world through the zakat that is donated to us. This allows us to bring improvements to millions of lives each year.

Every year, your Zakat helps provide life-changing aid to needy people and communities struck with disasters, conflict or natural calamities. Your generosity enables us to create a long-lasting positive impact in the lives of many orphans and widows, the sick and the needy.

This year, our focus is on providing food, sustainable water solutions, education and livelihoods to poor communities in Pakistan and Africa so that we can set them off on a path of improvement and prosperity. Browse through our Zakat eligible projects below and make a donation today! If you require more information, please feel free to call us on 0114 244 7253

Zakat Projects

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