Long-term thinking for long-lasting impact

More than 1 billion people around the world live on just 50p a day. Families struggle to source nutritious food for their children, often relying on just rice to satisfy hungry appetites.

Without an income or business, without livestock or land to provide food, people from the poorest corners of the world have no ability to provide in the long-term for their families.

How we’re helping

Our sustainable living initiatives focus on changing that. We believe that families need to be fed right now but that they also need to be equipped to feed themselves in the future.

Through our projects we help poor and widowed families in Africa and Asia to live well and to live independently. Through gifts of livestock and small business grants, men and women are empowered to feed their families and to grow and sell their own produce; the income further helping to promote self-sufficiency and alleviate poverty.

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