A key to real development work is to make it sustainable.

Imagine living on 50p a day! This is the reality for over one billion people around the world. ATI has been working hard to address this through food aid programmes and livelihood programmes. Sometimes it is important to ‘give a man a fish’ and sometimes it is important to ‘teach him to fish’. With one in every four children in developing countries malnourished, we do both. Our feeding and livelihood programmes run across all the countries we work in and form an anchor project wherever we work.

It is surprising how a little amount, well spent, can make a real long term difference to lives. The ATI’s livestock and livelihood programmes does exactly that. Poor and widowed families are identified in Asia and Africa to receive live animals or birds that can supply them with both food and a source of income whilst poor and needy families are given small business grants and support in order that they can support their families and secure their future.

Milking cows in Pakistan, Goats in Senegal and Chicken Farms in Nepal are amongst some of the option for you to chose from to help those in need. Small shops in Bangladesh, rickshaws in Nepal and transport animals in Sudan too.

Help support this programme, it makes a real difference.

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