We are often approached by individuals, groups and other charities to help facilitate their own charitable aspirations. The ATI ‘My Plan’ scheme is a way of formalising the process to allow you to realise your wishes.

ATI expertise: We have all the experience, field officers and logistics in order to implement many and most projects throughout the developing world.

Your ideas: We can help you select and design a much needed project which will be of great benefit to those most vulnerable
in the world. Alternatively, you can come to us with your own ideas and we can help you make them a reality.

Donations: You can generate donation via the internet using our interface or alternatively you can raise funds from your family and friends directly. Many donors have opted for charity events, dinners and fairs to help them achieve their targets. The options are varied, or you may have the means to afford the full project yourself anyway. Regardless of your chosen method, we can help you pull things together.

‘My Plan’: We will ensure all work is carried out in the name of the person donating or for whom it was donated. We will keep you informed of the project and send you photographs and a completion report once finished. If you would like to visit the site of your project, just let us know and we will facilitate this for you.

Why not save for your ‘My Plan’ through standing order instalments. If you are having difficulty affording your project through a single payment, we can collect smaller regular payments via standing order and build you a credit towards your ‘My Plan’ project. It’s just like having a savings account.

Some project ideas:

  • £30,000 would construct a full primary school in Kashmir
  • £5,000 buys a fully equipped ambulance
  • £4,000 pays for the set up of a school from rented premises in Pakistan
  • £3,000 pays for the installation of a deep water well in Africa
  • £2,000 pays for a community water scheme in Asia
  • £1000 pays for a small IT centre in a school
  • £500 pays for a programme of school uniforms and bags for a community

Projects of many sizes and budgets are available – please ask for details

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