Welcome to a journey of compassion, where each droplet holds the power to change lives. Did you know that a staggering $260 billion is lost globally each year due to the lack of basic water and sanitation? Picture the potential economic and human development if millions of hours spent searching for clean water could be redirected towards progress.

Our Mission: Empowering Communities through Sustainable Water Solutions

At Al Mustafa Trust, we are committed to a mission  of transforming communities by minimising the burden for search and transport of clean water. Through our impactful Water Wellness campaign, we implement sustainable solutions, ensuring clean, safe drinking water for those who have none. Since 2006, our unwavering efforts have spanned across nations like Sudan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Nepal, constructing wells to quench the thirst of communities in need.

Sadaqah Jariyah

All our water projects are Sadaqah Jariyah i.e. ongoing charity providing blessings year after year. They are Zakat-eligible, and you can calculate your obligation easily, with our Zakat calculator. Join us in being a source of mercy, building brighter futures with the transformative power of clean water.

Donate a water well, and it’ll carry your name or the name of your loved one. You will receive a feedback report with photos and details of location of the well and beneficiaries, illustrating how your donation transformed the community. Your charity offers blessings, protection, and transforms lives. Donate and be a vessel of mercy to the Ummah!

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