Losing parents is a tragic experience for any child. In countries ravaged by war, famine, or poverty, millions of children face the harsh reality of orphan hood, struggling daily for survival. According to UNICEF, 50% of those in extreme poverty are children, lacking essential education, healthcare, and safe spaces to grow.

Every day, 5,700 children become orphans due to war, natural disasters, poverty, disease, stigma, and medical needs. UNICEF reports that 61 million primary-school-age children are currently out of school.

Our Unique Approach to Orphan care

Every child deserves a positive start and the hope of a bright future. Since 2005, Al Mustafa Trust is dedicated to a mission: supporting orphans and children, globally. Our Shiny Pearl Orphan Sponsorship Program offers vulnerable children a way out of neglect, abuse, and exploitation. By providing shelter, education, and support, we aim to give them a life full of promise and potential. Your support can provide access to food, healthcare, education, shelter, and emotional support – essentials, every child should have.

We offer a true one-to-one orphan sponsorship program where your donation continuously supports the same orphan, ensuring long-term transformation. Our approach goes beyond communal programming, providing the opportunity for true, individualized, and transformative change.

When you sponsor an orphan, you place them in a safe environment, offering them the chance to flourish. Your donations can help elevate these children into a promising and hopeful future.

How Orphan Sponsorship Works

Your £30 monthly donation improves every aspect of a child’s life, providing access to food, shelter, education, medical support, and a safe living environment.

When you sponsor a child with Al Mustafa Trust, you receive A welcome pack introducing you to the sponsored child and details about our Shiny Pearl Orphan Sponsorship Program. We also give you the opportunity to correspond with the child you sponsor and share annual reports updating you on the child’s progress in education and overall well-being.

Your sponsorship transforms lives, providing health, protection, and education. Join us in protecting the ummah’s children, breaking the cycle, and offering them a chance at a brighter tomorrow. Sponsor an orphan today and be a source of mercy and hope.

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