Despite recent efforts and improvement in school enrolment and retention rates, child illiteracy still poses a serious problem in the countries like Pakistan. This is further exacerbated by the quality of education provided, especially in rural and marginalised areas.

UNESCO reports that Pakistan is the 2nd ranked country when it comes to the number of children who do not attend school between the ages of 5 and 16, an estimated 22.8 million! This figure represents almost half of the total population in this age group.

The numbers vary based on different regions and provinces. Furthermore, a lack of skilled school staff, location of schools, socio-cultural barriers, and economic constraints are cited as the major reasons for children not enrolled in schools.

These children grow up battling poverty, due to their lack of education they do not have promising job prospects and find themselves unable to secure a stable income. They are then forced to take low paying jobs and are unable to send their kids to school, thus repeating the cycle once again.

The sad truth is, that so many of these children have the talents to do so much for themselves and their community but lack of right resources robs them of a chance to explore their true potential.

Honest School pioneers a comprehensive approach, ensuring high-quality education is accessible to all, regardless of financial capabilities and our primary focus is providing quality education to the most deprived.

The well-being of a child is the top priority, and we want the child to get a good education, build academic skills and thrive intellectually and emotionally, whilst being close to their extended families, their friends, and their home. Our vision is to support orphans by establishing schools in their community so the children can study at ease, in the comfort of their familiar environment.

We firmly believe in investing in our future generations. We take a proactive approach to children’s education, by employing passionate and driven teachers who have the best of their pupils’ interest at heart.

Our mission is to instil beautiful values of tolerance, acceptance, and kindness in our children and provide a welcoming, non-judgemental, and safe environment. Children have fantastic imaginations, and we want to help them explore their ideas, provide them the resources they need to expand their creative horizons and let their ideas flourish. From nursery to foundation years, our focus is on communication and language, physical, social and emotional development, language development, Numeracy, and physical activities.

English, Mathematics, language, and Science are taught as core subjects, alongside art, history, geography, technology, religion, and computing. Honest school also have dedicated time for music, documentary watching and physical education. Each classroom has a bookshelf space for relevant books.

There is an assembly hall, a computer lab, a canteen, a music room, and a playground. All the needy children are provided with uniforms, school bags, books, stationary and free education.

There is no discrimination or bias on the grounds of gender, race, religion, disability, or social and cultural background.

We strive to provide after school activities, including sports day, book reading clubs, arts and craft fair, and excursion trips for a well-rounded learning experience.

Our well-trained and passionate staff, undergo rigorous selection processes and continuous training to maintain the highest educational standards. At Honest School, we believe in empowering minds, breaking the chains of illiteracy, and fostering a generation capable of driving positive change. Join us in our journey to transform lives through education and unlock the potential within every child. Donate to Honest School and be a part of this transformative vision!

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