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According to estimates, $260 billion is lost globally each year due to lack of basic water and sanitation.”

Imagine the economic and human development countries can achieve if they did not have to spend millions of hours each year scouring for water!

Easy access to safe water can open up space for the learning of new skills, training and education. It can allow families to have more time together, mothers can focus on their young children and chores. Just by removing this one thing out of the equation, we can set off a chain reaction that will ultimately create a big impact.

Al Mustafa Trust aims to transform as many communities as possible, by helping them reduce their time spent on water collection.

Sustainable water solutions

ATI implements several sustainable solutions to ensure the supply of clean, safe drinking water to people who otherwise have no access to it. Every year, in addition to emergency water supplies in drought hit areas our SAFE WATER FOR ALL campaign provides 1000s of needy families with personalised resource of safe and clean water in the form of shallow water wells and community water facilities. Since 2006 we have worked tirelessly in constructing wells in Sudan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Nepal.

Our Safe water community initiatives

Shallow water well

Every shallow water well/ hand pump provides safe water for up to 10 people. These wells are typically 40 to 70 feet deep and are installed inside a residential space in needy rural areas, where a family and their neighbours can easily access it. All our shallow water wells are fitted with a hand pump and can last for up to 5 years.

Depth – 40-70 feet
Longevity – 4-7 years
Usage – 10 people

Community Hand pump

Community hand pump/wells are installed in Tharparkar desert region in Pakistan. These wells are 80 feet to 110 feet deep and provide safe water to a rural settlement of up to 200 people. A community hand pump serves well in areas where electricity is scarce or infrequent. Each of these wells are fitted with a large hand pump for easier access to water.

Depth – 80-110 feet
Longevity – 10-15 years
Usage – 200 people

Deep Community Wells

Our deep community wells are 120-250 feet deep. An electronic pump is used for water suction. Deep water wells are installed with essential pipe works, water taps and a water tank with storage capacity of 500-1000 litres. These wells are installed in schools, mosques and other rural establishments to provide easy access for the surrounding community.

Depth – 120-250 feet
Longevity – 15-20 years
Usage – 500+ people
Storage capacity – 500-1000 Litres

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