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When you sponsor an orphan you give a child a life full of hope and possibility.

We believe that every child should feel safe, cared for and happy, wherever they may be in the world. Through orphan sponsorship you give children access to education, healthcare, food, and clothing at a time when they need it the most. In the past 13 years, our sponsorship programme has helped more than a thousand Muslim children across seven countries – Sudan, The Gambia, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Mauritania.

How your sponsorship helps:

  • School fees are paid to give a child access to a good education
  • Books and school uniforms
  • Financial support for safe travel to and from school
  • Access to healthcare
  • Provision of food and clothing

Currently running in a number of countries, our orphan sponsorship scheme is simple, effective and operates with absolute transparency. When you sponsor a child, we work with the child’s guardian to establish the needs of the child and plan the best use of your sponsorship to meet those needs. We then meet with the child’s guardian every three months to find out how the child is doing and to ensure your sponsorship is being utilised for maximum benefit.


As a sponsor, you will receive an information pack introducing you to the orphan that you are supporting – including a welcome note telling you a little about the child, a photograph and details about their education and family. Each year you will also receive a copy of the child’s school performance report and updated photographs so you can see how your support is helping them progress.

From time to time the children like to write to give you an update and a personal thank you – a wonderful way to truly understand the impact of your generous support.


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