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Every child on earth deserves to be happy. But unfortunately, millions of children get deprived of their happiness at an early age. These children are known to be orphans. Without any financial or emotional support, these orphans spend their lives in real misery. The provision of proper food, health care, clothing, and education is almost non-existent for orphans in underdeveloped countries. Thus, they fight for their survival and sustenance every day. The Shiny Pearls Program at ATI ensures to work for the mental and physical being of such children around the world.

The helpless orphans without any access to education are open to several social ills of our society. Many of these children live in dangerous conditions and are even exposed to child labor, sexual abuse, and extreme violence. Education plays a key role in empowering an orphan to break the cycle of poverty.  We believe together we can unlock the door to a bright future by educating these children. No doubt, a single literate in the family can be the strength to many illiterates. Our Shiny Pearls sponsorship program aims to educate as many of the 146 million orphans as we can. 

We all have to die one day or the other but the death of a parent takes away much from a child. Since last year the Coronavirus pandemic has contributed a lot to the increasing number of orphans worldwide. You may not be able to make up for the loss of an orphan but you can always lend your hand to assure them that they are loved and supported. In such dreadful circumstances, you can be a life-saving boat to many children waiting for your help! 

Islam places great emphasis on supporting the orphans. The one who helps the needy does not only perform a good deed but earns countless blessings for himself. Allah has repeatedly mentioned orphans in the Holy Quran to highlight their importance. Thousands of children are suffering due to conflicts, wars, and natural disasters. Since the early 20th-century globalization has taken over the entire world. Societies have been inter-connected to work together for their development and advancement. This brings a heavy responsibility to people from different regions to help orphans in dire need. Thus, Muslims from all around the world should unite to eradicate the problems faced by these poor children. 


With your cooperation for the past 13 years, we have been regularly providing a monthly grant to more than 300 vulnerable children. From as little as £20 a month, a child is given access to education, healthcare, food, and clothing. Your donation proves that every penny counts!

We believe every child regardless of their religion and background has a right to feel happy and secure. Join our sponsorship program to create sustainable environments for them through quality education and holistic care. To present, we have successfully helped more than a thousand Muslim orphans across seven countries– Sudan, The Gambia, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Mauritania.

Shiny Pearls Sponsorship Program 

You can sponsor a needy orphan for just £20 a month. If each of us plays our part, we can make a difference in the lives of others. 

You can pay £20 via direct debit or pay a lump sum of £240 for a full-year sponsorship program. The passport to a child’s future is in your responsible hands.

The Process

Upon the beginning of sponsorship, we provide you with the details of the family history, current conditions, and education of your child. To give you the practical representation of your donation we also provide you photographs of the orphan. A school performance report with new photographs is sent to you at the end of each academic year to show the child’s progress. 


Sponsorship money is allocated to the orphan’s trusted guardian directly. After every 3 months, the orphan’s school teacher and guardian meet to discuss the progress and the general well-being of the orphan.

Your support through this program is making a big difference in maintaining their standards of living. This initiative would have a long-term effect on the children’s ability to conquer poverty and change their lives! We highly appreciate your kind efforts.

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