Your generous donations will make small housing units, and safe water and hygiene kits available to thousands of people


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Shelters for Flood Victims in Pakistan

Pakistan’s never-before-seen floods have affected 33 million people, including approximately 16 million children many of whom are still seeking safe refuge after record monsoon rains damaged or destroyed more than a million homes. The summer’s catastrophic flooding has submerged one-third of the country and it could take up to six months for the water to recede.

A serious situation now arises in the flood-affected areas where hundreds of thousands of flood-affected individuals are battling hunger and disease while being forced to live openly. Lack of shelter is one of the biggest issues the disaster areas are now dealing with, as the flooded areas have become breeding grounds for mosquitos that cause dengue while stagnant water also pose threat for waterborne diseases.

Viral Infections On The Rise

Viral infections have affected more than 58618 People. Outbreaks of acute watery diarrhoea, dengue, cholera, typhoid, malaria, and skin and eye infections are increasing as millions of people sleep in temporary shelters or in the open near stagnating water. In Pakistan, many of the hardest-hit districts are also among the most vulnerable, where children already experience high rates of hunger and limited access to water and sanitation. The WHO has stated that the increase in the outbreak could result in a SECOND DISASTER.

A place to call home

Four months after the greatest floods in recorded history of Pakistan, shelter is a primary need. We believe it is imperative to help people who have nothing to rebuild at least one functional room before the cold weather sets in. Hence, ATI has been working to provide basic one-room houses with toilets for the chosen needy homeless families, particularly widows, orphans, or low-income homeless families.

These homes are designed to provide a more resilient and sustainable solution than the current emergency camps and the original mud dwellings as displaced families begin to return to affected areas. We believe better housing will reduce many healths and sanitation challenges that have affected these communities over time.

As displaced people reside close to the filthy flood water they are forced to drink water tainted with bacteria resulting in a severe diarrheal infection. Therefore, ATI has also been building water pumps to deliver safe drinking water to children and families.


The flood-affected families urgently require assistance to help them recover from illness and rebuild their lives. Your generous donations will make small housing units, and safe water and hygiene kits available to thousands of people, saving them from water-borne illnesses that can be fatal. If you do not help these people now, the situation could worsen and turn into a serious humanitarian catastrophe. Hence, your donation is essential to saving lives. So, please donate as much as you can.

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