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A milking cow is one of the easiest and most profitable of our livelihood projects. We provide milking cows to low income families in rural areas and villages.

How much does it cost?


What does it include?

The price includes a high quality milking cow of the Ravi/Sahiwal origin. These cows are capable of giving 15-25 litres of milk daily!

How does it work?

The milking cow we provide gives enough milk to meet the family’s need and leave them with a lot of surplus. This can be sold generating a decent income or bartered for other items of necessities. Cow milk is sold for Rs. 150-180 per kilo

To make this more sustainable, cows can be used for breeding as well. This allows the family to increase their income by selling calves, buying more milking cows etc. The cows are able to graze on grasslands that are not crop bearing, their manure acts as a fertilizer for the soil and is also used by the families as burning fuel. Some villages also practice the custom of plastering the walls with cow manure for insulation.


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