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Tharparker Draught Relief

November, 2021

The Tharparkar region in Pakistan’s Sindh province is one of the most malnourished and deprived regions of the world, with 50 percent of children being stunted, and 19 percent are seriously malnourished. With the help of our generous donors, we were able to provide life-saving food assistance, sustainable water solutions, and emergency kits to the Tharparker community to combat famine, malnutrition and sickness.

Balochistan Earthquake

October, 2021

Many people lost their homes and suffer injuries in the recent earthquake that struck the remote area of Harnai, Balochistan with a 5.9 magnitude. Without food, without shelter, these people desperately needed aid. ATI helped 100 families on the ground by providing them with emergency food packs.  Each food pack consisted of all the essentials a family of 5 needed and lasted about a month.

Kashmir Winter Kits Distribution

January, 2021

Winter is the most difficult season for vulnerable families around the world. Temperatures drop below freezing at night, and these people just do not have the resources to cope with the harsh weather. Your donations, Alhumdulillah, reached the needy in Kashmir, Pakistan. This winter, ATI distributed 100s of winter kits and food packs to the Kashmiris who had little to no support in the harsh winters.

Neelum Valley Shelling

November, 2020

On the 14th of November 2020, the Indian army started heavy mortar shelling during daytime in Neelum Valley, Kashmir. This resulted in casualties, many injuries and destruction to the houses and people’s possessions. Alhamdullilah, with your donations, we reached the needy in Neelum Valley. We donated winter kits and food to those who lost their homes and livelihood. 

Pandemic Food Distribution

April - August, 2020

Ever since the pandemic, so many families have been struggling as they depend on their daily wages to put food on the table. Our team with the help of our generous donors distributed food packs to 100s of needy families in marginalised areas of District Jhelum, Punjab – Pakistan. Adhering to the Covid-19 safety measures, we tried our best to ensure that people receive this aid at their doorsteps. 

Tharparker Medical Camps

April, 2017

Access to well-equipped health facilities is a major issue for most people in impoverished and rural communities. In order to provide health services close to the homes of these deprived communities, we have been organising free medical camps for years in the Tharparker region of Sindh. From £800, you can support almost 200 people by sponsoring a one-day camp.


Gaza - Pandemic Distribution

September, 2021

Prolonged conflict, economic stagnation, restricted trade, and access to resources in Palestine, combined with high unemployment and poverty rates, continue to pose severe obstacles to the fulfilment of sustainable development on hunger eradication, food security, and improved nutrition. The road to recovery is a long, hard one. What can we do to help? Al Mustafa Trust International has been trying to ensure that all those in need get a food basket. Our team has distributed food aid to 150 families and counting in Gaza to help them survive through this tough time but we need your help to increase these numbers.

Gaza - Rehabilitation Relief

May, 2021

What could be worse than not being able to drink safe water? An estimated 800,000 people no longer have access to clean water after an 11-day bombardment that damaged half of the pipes in the Gaza Strip. ATI, with the help of its donors made full efforts to ensure that these vulnerable people have access to clean drinking water during these difficult times. Our safe water project aims to address the water issues by providing people with safe, clean, and easy to access drinking water. So keep donating to us and help us to transform and protect the lives of people in Gaza.


UK Winter Aid

December, 2020

Winter brings with it a new set of challenges, putting millions of vulnerable people across the world in danger. Being homeless elevates a person’s risk of sickness, injury and death. ATI has pledged to not only help the homeless and the rough sleepers this winter in the UK but also the vulnerable people in need of warm clothing, food and support, people who are struggling to pay their bills or buy food for their families.



April, 2020

We believe everyone should have access to clean and safe drinking water, wherever they live in the world. Many communities in rural and underdeveloped areas continue the daily struggle without access to clean water. For many, hours spent walking in blistering heat to reach water is a part of everyday life. We’re working to change that. Our Water Aid campaign has, over the last year, seen us install 6 community wells in The Gambia, Africa. Our efforts also include working to bring emergency water supply to drought-hit areas. 

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