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With more than 263 million children and youth worldwide without access to basic education, the need is both great and urgent. An estimated 61 million primary school kids are out of school, more than half of which are girls.

We believe in the power of education. It is at the heart of everything a child thinks, aspires to, and becomes – education shapes futures and helps create a better world for generations to come. Poverty should never be a barrier to fulfilling potential and that’s why we work closely with local government, community leaders and educators to identify opportunities and initiatives that have the scope and potential to change the lives of children and young people for years to come.

There is no doubt that literacy is directly linked to economic growth as established by numerous studies, research, and findings over the years. Recent reports conclude that human capital accumulation matters a great deal in the long run when it comes to the wellbeing of nations.

When humans are invested in, be it vocational skills or academic, it yields better economic returns. Simply put, an educated society has more chances of progress and prosperity. Studies also indicate that countries that focus on increasing their literacy skills have more success in economic growth and societal well-being than the ones where literacy and skill rates are low.

Educating the population put nations on the track for success.”


Improves the development of the wider community

Education makes for better communities. It improves the lifestyle, instils civic sense amongst the people, puts them in a position to be able to think for themselves and speak their minds. At the same time, it also allows them to be progressive, tolerant and accepting of change. These values are particularly beneficial for making a community safe and strong.

Improves the public health and hygiene

Knowledge also equips people with awareness about their bodies, health and hygiene. An educated person is in a better position to make health and well-being decisions. Currently, a lot of people suffer as they do not realise the dangers of drinking dirty or contaminated water, or eating expired medicine or food. Diseases and infections can be tackled swiftly as people have a better understanding of science and biology.

Lifts individuals out of poverty and contributes to the economy

With education comes awareness and knowledge, and the ability to unlock one’s skills. An individual gets the confidence and courage to be able to secure jobs and not be exploited. Minimum wages increase, work ethics are improved, and the country can utilise more brain power. All of this contributes to a healthy economy.

Reduces mortality rates in infants

This goes hand in hand with health and hygiene. Infants are susceptible to infections and diseases and require more care. Due to poor health and care during pregnancy, babies are born weak. Knowledge and awareness help reduce the infant mortality.


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