Safe Water

Open sources of water are scarce and often contaminated with animal faeces, industrial waste, toxins and waterborne diseases. Even with sources of clean water, there is no predicting how long the water will be available. Poor communities find it difficult to move to other areas because they lack the money, skills and knowledge to do so.

Most of the regions we work in, the duties are divided between the members. Whilst the men go out of the house to earn an income, the women and children look after all the house chores, which includes bringing water.

This is a cultural tradition practiced in many regions of Africa and South Asia. People bring their own cans and earthen pots to fill water in to take home with them. There is no evidence to suggest it causes any long-term harm compared with carrying loads on the shoulder or back – however, any excessive load, no matter how it is carried, has the potential to cause painful problems over time.

We feel the best way to work is in collaboration with the communities themselves. In rural communities, a mosque or an elder will take responsibility of the community wells, ensuring there are no problems with usage, supply and hygiene. We also conduct studies that judge the progress of services later down the line. These help us continually work to improve the sustainability of the services we and our partners deliver. Following is the longevity of our water solutions, with proper care and maintenance:
Shallow water well: 2-5 years | Community well: 5-10 years | Filtration unit: 2-3 years

We send a feedback report to all our donors upon the successful completion of a project. This varies depending on the project you donated for.

Shallow water well: 3 – 6 months | Community well: 6 – 10 months | Filtration unit: 6 – 8 months

We create wells in batches for economy of scale, therefore it requires planning and time.

Yes, you can notify us about the name(s) you want on the plaque. We suggest 20 letters in total for the name on the plaque. If you have forgotten to mention this at the time of donation, please get in touch with us and we can let you know if it’s still possible to have the plaque name in place.


Yes, you can write to your sponsored child. Send them postcards, or a letter but the charity does not guarantee a reply from the orphan. If you ever wish to visit your orphan, we welcome you to contact us and arrangements can be made. Please contact us on 0114 244 7253

We ensure all our staff are highly qualified and well trained. Furthermore, we carry out periodic assessment of our teachers on the basis of their pupil’s academic achievements. Regular training programs are conducted throughout the academic year to keep them up to date with the changing curriculum and ensure they deliver the best teaching experience for the students.

Every child has a right to quality education, a happy life and a bright future. We always have a list of needy children waiting to be sponsored and we request our donors to sponsor the child at the top of the waiting list.

Our staff and pupil will be delighted to welcome you in Honest School. The school is a community project supporting orphans and needy children. We would like you to come and see for yourself the work we do with these children and the difference it makes to their life. We hope to inspire and motivate our visitors into becoming a part of our Honest School family.

If you’d like to plan a visit please get in touch with us at info@almustafa.uk or call us on 0114 244 7253

If you wish to volunteer and offer your academic expertise for our project, please email us at volunteer@almustafa.uk with the subject of ‘Volunteer – Honest School’. Please tell us about yourself, your qualifications and what you wish to do for the Honest School. A member of our staff will be in touch with you shortly.

Yes, we are happy to accept books donated to our library as long as they are age appropriate and you are able to arrange the delivery of the books.

Due to high carriage costs, we encourage our donors to make monetary donations to Honest School as you will get more for your donation if we use the local vendors to fulfil the school requirements. Please get in touch with us to find out what books are needed.

If you still have any questions, please write to us at info@almustafa.uk

Please get in touch with us at info@almustafa.uk

Volunteer & Fundraising

Please visit our volunteer page here

We love it when people such as yourself want to fundraise for one of our causes. Please visit the fundraising section here for more details.

Food Aid

A family food pack usually consists of basic food staples like rice, flour, sugar, lentils, oil, long life milk, dates, tea and spices.

At ATI, we ensure that people get the quality food that is available locally. We strongly believe in supporting the local community, therefore we buy from trusted vendors within the area. Each food pack is hand-packed by our own team of volunteers.


A normal rural medical camp serves at least 150 people in one day. Our team of medics consist of a GP, a child specialist, gynaecologist, and paramedics who serve free of cost as volunteers. The biggest expense in arranging a medical camp is providing logistics and life saving medicine.

If you wish to volunteer for any of our healthcare projects, please contact us on: volunteer@almustafa.uk or call us on 0114-2447253


Depending on what projects and appeals you are donating for, we often have predefined work areas and specific focus with regards to beneficiaries.

Our teams go out to rural areas and they do a need assessment which is then submitted to our office. A list of beneficiaries is finalised by the UK head office.

We work in developing countries across Asia and Africa. We have carried out successful projects in Kashmir, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Palestine, Haiti, Indonesia, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, The Gambia, Senegal, Somalia, Mauritania and Burma.

The earning potential of a livelihood project depends on how it’s implementation and longevity. Our current projects have the combined earning potential of Rs. 6000 – 112,500 per month.


With a one-to-one scheme you are able to sponsor an individual
child. We will send you annual feedback on their situation and
progress. You will also receive details that allow you to correspond
with the sponsored individual.

No, there is no minimum period, but we do ask you to consider
your sponsorship as a serious commitment.

We understand your circumstances may change and you can cancel
your sponsorship at any time. ATI will continue to support the child
until another sponsor can be found.

Your Orphan Information Pack will include a correspondence
address. Please note that we cannot guarantee you will receive a reply.

Yes you can, but please be aware that sponsors who wish to visit
their sponsored orphan must be accompanied by an ATI

Sponsorship will always continue until an orphan reaches the age of
18. As your sponsored orphan approaches this age we will write to
you and give you the option either of continuing sponsorship or
changing your sponsorship to support a younger child.

An orphan is a child who has lost their father or both parents.

Orphans are chosen by ATI field offices on the basis of need. A child’s age, family size, siblings and living conditions are looked at to assess needs.

An ATI field worker visits the child every 3 months to deliver your
sponsorship. General wellbeing and progress is assessed when the
field worker visits in order to confirm health and ensure schooling is
continuing. Annually, a full report is gathered and returned to you also.

When you sponsor an orphan, you are taking responsibility for their educational well-being and making a long term commitment. As such, we expect our generous donors to honour it. However, if you are unable to continue your sponsorship for any reason, we will try to find another sponsor for the orphan as Al- Mustafa trust makes every effort to help the child complete their education.

In addition to your sponsorship, you can donate extra for your sponsored orphan, e.g Eid gifts, birthday gifts, achievement rewards etc.

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