yemen crisis

After 5 years of harrowing conflict, Yemen now faces a severe humanitarian crisis. According to the UN, the Corona virus outbreak may be the last straw for the country and could potentially wipe if off the map! With millions displaced, the country is already facing famine, malnutrition and bouts of endemic diseases. A recent cholera outbreak infected almost 2.3 million people, claiming 4000 lives.

Families that already lived on the poverty line, are now battling to find food and clean water, often forced to eat grass to keep hunger at bay. With starvation and disease rampant, one child dies every 10 minutes! The conditions in Yemen are truly dire, as the emergency escalates! 

The spread of COVID-19 across the country has created a new emergency. The country has seen their medical facilities reduced to nothing due to air strikes over the years, leaving it unable to provide aid to the sick and needy. Only half of the health facilities are functional currently and that too, at reduced capacity with basic equipment and no PPE gear or oxygen masks and ventilators to treat those infected by the Covid-19 virus.

How we are helping

ATI is distributing food packs, basic living essentials and medical supplies to needy families in this time of crisis.

Donate whatever you can as every penny matters!

  • £300 can feed 3 families for a week
  • £300 can provide essential medical supplies for a hospital for a day
  • £150 can supply a family with rations for a month


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