To date, the Syrian conflict has resulted in 13.5 million people who have been adversely affected. More than half of the population have been forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries or live in over populated camps within Syria, facing the worst kind of crisis.

An estimated 70% of the refugees are living in extreme poverty, in conditions plagued with disease, poor sanitation and lack of basic facilities like electricity or running water. The internally displayed people that remain in Syria are also struggling to meet their basic needs where each day is a struggle for survival. The country has been crippled under the war that’s been waged since 2011, leaving it unable to provide medical or financial support to the Syrian people.

To make matters worse, approximately 5 million people are in besieged and hard to reach areas, which makes providing aid of any sort a challenge.

How we are helping

ATI is distributing food packs, basic living essentials and medical supplies to needy families in this time of crisis.

Donate whatever you can as every penny matters!

  • £300 can feed 3 families for a week
  • £300 can provide essential medical supplies for a hospital for a day
  • £150 can supply a family with rations for a month


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