Help these bright minds achieve their dreams.

Wars, natural disasters and the current Covid-19 pandemic are leading to an increase in the number of orphans around the world. Let’s not forget these innocent children and their plight. For only £20 per month, you can help provide a good quality education, improve and maintain the physical and mental health of the child and ensure other essentials such as food and access to clean drinking water.

Sponsor an orphan today and you will receive a photograph and details of the child you are sponsoring.

You can sponsor an orphan by monthly Direct Debit or pay an annual lump sum for your sponsored child. Complete sponsorship is £20 per month or £240 per annum.


How you can help!

  • £10 sends an Eid gift to put a smile on their face
  • £20 for a monthly sponsorship of an orphan.
  • £240 can supply financial and educational support to an orphan for the entire year.


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