Muslims in Palestine are facing worst humanitarian crises of our time.

Over 500 people have been killed, and the number is increasing, with at least 5100 wounded so far.

Destruction of over 1215 homes has left over 6000 homeless who are seeking shelter. Air strikes have also damaged many health facilities. There is shortage of food and medical supplies, and border restrictions are making the situation even worse.

ATI is currently providing emergency food parcels and medical supplies through a local partner. Please act now to help the innocent Palestinian Muslims living in an “Open Prison” where basic necessities of life are scarce.

Don’t ignore them.

Donate whatever you can as every penny matters!

  • £150 can feed 3 Palestinian families for a week
  • £300 can provide essential medical supplies for a hospital for a day
  • £1500 can supply a hospital with essential medicines and surgical items to treat the wounded for a week

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