Let’s keep safe and help others be safe too!

We are living in exceptional circumstances where a deadly virus has claimed hundreds of thousands of precious human lives. Life is in lock-down in most parts of the world. Covid-19 does not discriminate where you live or what healthcare facilities you have access to, it affects all of us and the whole world is in this together.

For some countries, the severe lack of medical and governmental infrastructure means that in addition to the war, famine, poverty they already face – this pandemic is an added stress. Except in these countries, it’s not only the elderly that are the most vulnerable. Life in the misery of refugee camps has become unimaginable where a daily struggle has turned into a nightmare. Orphans, widows, and the world’s poorest have either no food or cannot access it because of the lock-down.

As we are going through a pandemic, times like these remind us of the importance of giving. With health risks, further financial upheaval and continuation of war in many parts of the world means that local governments are struggling to provide for their citizens. As Muslims, it is our duty to continue our work to help those in need whether this is at home here in the UK or in Asia and Africa.

Join our cause today! Every donation matters, no matter the amount.

How you can help!

  • £50 provides food to a family for a month
  • £100 provides hot meals to the NHS front-line workers
  • £175 provides flour bags to 5 families for a month

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