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The Thar desert or Tharparker covers an area of 20,000 square kilometres in the Sindh province and is inhabited by 1.6 million people. It boasts a vibrant culture and history, however it is one of the most remote regions within Pakistan. The people of Tharparker heavily rely on water for their livelihood, where an average of three people from one household spend between 3-5 hours collecting water, walking a distance of 6 kilometres every day. 80% of the water available is too salty and dirty for human consumption according to World Health Organisation which results in chronic diseases, malnutrition and deaths within the local communities.

In November 2019, unexpected heavy rains led to crops being destroyed and livestock dying. This brought a heavy loss of agriculture and livestock to the Thar region that had only recently recovered from a 6 year drought. To make matters worse, swarms of desert locusts have plagued the farms this year, eating crops and wasting months of hard work, leaving the farmers struggling to pay back the loans they used to plant their crops. The Thar community once again face a difficult time of famine and poverty, where more than 50% of the population have a sparse supply of food to feed their families.

Malnutrition has already taken the lives of hundreds of children and adults and with limited access to food and healthcare, the crisis will continue to intensify.


ATI has provided food, clean water and emergency medical supplies to the Tharparker community to combat famine, malnutrition and sickness before and continue to do so.

Donate to our Tharparkar appeal fund today and help those who have lost their livelihood and are struggling to provide food for their families. Your donation will enable us provide rations and medical supplies to rural communities – areas of the country that are least accessible but where the need is greatest.

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