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As long as there is a soul spirit in the heart and breath in the body there lies an existing opportunity. The blessed month of Ramadan is no less than an opportunity for Muslims across the world who wish to please Allah (SWT) and seek His forgiveness.

When most of us fast, our thoughts turn to the delicious food that will be waiting for us when we break our fast and families come together to make traditional feasts for Iftar. However, we must remember those unfortunate millions who have no idea when or where their next meal will arrive.

Nothing compares to the sense of relief you get when you finally break your fast after a day without food or water. But imagine how individuals who may not even know what these delectable delicacies are or what they taste like may feel. These vulnerable individuals crave the most basic of necessities, such as clean water, food, and warmth, which we most of the time take for granted.


A bloated stomach and a skeletal frame. When many people think about the effects of hunger on the body, the image is something like this. Extreme starvation and malnutrition can have that effect, and it’s true. Moreover, hunger can also have less obvious but equally destructive effects on the mind, and extreme hunger simply serves to perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

This reality affects the lives of the 38 million individuals who struggle to put food on the table every day.

Severe and chronic hunger, caused by a lack of critical nutrients, vitamins, protein, and minerals, can prevent the brain from developing intellectually, socially, and emotionally, affecting an individual’s ability to read, focus, memorise, and even talk. Therefore, poverty and hunger are frequently linked to a lack of adequate education. When compared to the academic performance of well-nourished children, children who suffer hunger from an early age struggle intellectually and have a lower IQ, especially in underdeveloped countries.

The month of Ramadan is renowned as the month of giving where the rewards of your charity and generosity are multiplied to 70 times. Hence, being able to feed someone or assist in the breaking of someone’s fast is the most generous act in the eyes of Allah. So, this Ramadan, join Al Mustafa Trust International in feeding the hungry.

While you’re at home with your family, preparing your Iftar feast, you can also make sure someone else gets fed. Your donation can help thousands of individuals who are always suffering and hungry.


We are grateful for your generous contributions in 2022, and we eagerly anticipate your generous Ramadan donations in 2023. Islam offers numerous rewards for practicing generosity and these rewards are much greater in the Holy Month of Ramadan. We hope you make the most of this Holy Month and help us to feed others.

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