Support the flood victims of Pakistan

It has been over a year, since the devastating floods wreaked havoc upon Pakistan, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of over 33 million people. Families were torn apart, homes were lost, and livelihoods crumbled under the weight of climate change.

In the face of this calamity, Al Mustafa Trust stood as a beacon of hope, swift in response and resolute in purpose. Your generous support enabled us to extend a lifeline to tens of thousands through vital aid, including food, water and sanitation. In times of crisis, Al Mustafa endeavours to be the first on the ground, providing immediate relief to those grappling with the aftermath. Your contributions ensure that we have the means to uphold this commitment and support those in desperate need.

While we have stood by the sides of vulnerable families, aiding them in rebuilding lives and restoring hope, the journey to recovery is far from over. Many families still yearn for stability, and your continued support remains paramount. Please consider donating now to renew hope and rebuild lives.

How You Can Help


Transform the life of a child on the streets through our Shiny Pearl programme.


Provide a family food parcel to help the needy families in Pakistan with all the basic necessary items of food.


Install a community hand pump in a drought-hit community in Pakistan, transforming and protecting the lives of many.


Build a community water supply for a whole village in a drought-hit community in Pakistan.

A Vision of Transformation

We persist in long-term projects that empower communities to stand resilient against climate change and disasters. Be a mercy to families facing cyclical climate crises by supporting initiatives such as installing water wells, providing livelihood training and tools and building permanent 1 room homes for the homeless.

A Legacy of Compassion

For 18 years, we have been instrumental in changing lives in Pakistan. In 2022, thousands benefited from our flood response and projects that provided sustainable clean water, livelihood training, education, and food security.

Your mercy holds the power to shape destinies. Please consider giving now to renew hope and support the ongoing journey towards recovery.

In a nation where a fifth of the population is malnourished, your generosity holds the power to provide water wells, sustainable livelihoods, and transformative changes for entire communities. Help us rebuild homes for families affected by the floods!

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