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Israeli air strikes have hit Rafa in Gaza, where the UN says over 1.9 million internally displaced Palestinians are trying to shelter from the bombardment and military operations of Israel.

After four months of carpet bombing, Gaza is destroyed and over 75% of the population are displaced to one small area. Palestinians have nowhere to go, and their homes, schools, hospitals, and even the graveyards have been demolished. There is no food, water, shelter, or medicine, there is no home and nowhere to go!

Palestinians are going through a crisis that is undoubtedly the worst of our times. For the past four months over 27,600 have lost their lives, half of them children, and over 66,400 are injured. The devastation caused by Israel’s carpet bombing of innocent civilians has left the whole of Gaza in ruins, and it will take decades to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed. And the worst of all is that there is no end in sight to mass murder of Innocent, Palestinians. Limited supply of food, medicine and shelter has made the world biggest prison, the world’s worst prison!

To sustain and enhance our aid efforts, we urgently seek your support, so that we can send emergency relief for those who have no home and nowhere to go!

Palestine Emergency Response

While minimal aid reaches displaced families through the Rafa crossing, our efforts have been focused on providing essential provisions such as food, water, and medicine. Al Mustafa Trust is on the ground, working tirelessly to deliver immediate assistance. In the form of medical aid, food, and clean water.

How You Can Help!

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Your contribution directly supports our Palestine emergency relief efforts, providing essential resources like medical aid, food, and shelter.

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Please donate whatever you can, as our Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza are facing a dire situation unlike any before.

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