Our history

Al Mustafa Trust International’s values are an integral part of who we are, how we operate, and what we do. Our values bring unity to our work and sit at the heart of everything we do.

For more than a decade we have given vital help and support to needy communities worldwide.

Motivated to help victims of the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake, we began with one simple ambition: to raise funds and deliver much-needed aid. Starting out with local fundraising efforts in Sheffield, our ambitions soon grew when we identified an urgent need for the care of children orphaned by the earthquake.

In 2006 we established our UK head office and since then we have helped thousands of people affected by poverty, natural disaster, and conflict. Last year alone, we served over 16,000 needy people with provision of food, clean water, healthcare and emergency relief.

Today, we have grown to engage with projects around the world and continue to help the less fortunate during their greatest time of need. From emergency on-the-ground response to launching projects that support health, education, and sustainable living, our teams deliver life-changing initiatives that empower individuals and their communities.

We are a small charity with an international impact: our teams have worked on projects in countries including Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, The Gambia, Mauritania, Somalia and Palestine.

Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with like-minded organisations to ensure aid gets to where it needs to go, as quickly as possible. To date, our partners include UNICEF, WHO, WFP, and Red Crescent Movements.

Our Trustees

Mohammed Munir Ahmed, Founding Trustee

With years of experience within the not-for-profit sector, Munir has supported a number of community initiatives – both here in the UK and around the world.

During his time as a student in Pakistan, his charitable work included volunteering at medical camps and organising blood donation schemes; launching projects that promote literacy through improved access to reading and writing materials; setting up evening tuition academies that offer free education services to students; and working on food distribution projects.

In 1996, after he moved to England, Munir immersed himself in the local community. Learning about local projects and how they help those in need, he quickly volunteered his time and support for a number of causes.

After the 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, Munir initiated a fundraising campaign with the aim to give much needed aid and assistance to those affected. It was this fundraiser that inspired the creation of Al Mustafa Trust International, in May 2006. Since then, Munir has been active in the charity’s work and is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees.  

Dr Tariq Razzaq

As an active supporter of Al Mustafa Trust International for over 10 years, Tariq joined our Board of Trustees in 2016.

With an interest in community and welfare issues, Tariq has – throughout both his student and professional life – engaged with a number of projects, volunteering his time and expertise to help support and progress charitable work.

A doctor by profession, Tariq brings medical expertise and a passion for excellence in healthcare and patient welfare to the charity. After graduating from King Edward Medical College Lahore in 1989 he worked for a number of hospitals across Pakistan until his move to the UK in 1996.

Now, as member of the Royal College of Physicians and with a post graduate degree from Kings College London, Tariq is a Consultant Dermatologist.

Hafiz Saleem Akhtar, Founding Trustee

One of the founding trustees of Al Mustafa International, Saleem has engaged with a number of community and charitable initiatives over the past 20 years.

Born in Pakistan, Saleem gained an MA in English from University of Azad Jammu before taking up a post as lecturer at Inter College Tata Pani. With an interest in welfare and having completed additional study on the subject, he subsequently went on to become Assistant Director for Social Welfare and Women Development.

In 1998 Saleem moved to the UK and became an Imam in Sheffield. Here, he and a group of friends established a successful multi-faith welfare forum that aimed to better connect and unite local communities, firmly placing religious and cultural unity at the centre of its activities.

Now, alongside his work for Al Mustafa Trust International, he remains an active member of the local community – both as a parent governor at Hucklow Primary School and as Chairman of the South Yorkshire Council of Mosques.

In 2012 he received his MA in Theology and Religious Studies from The University of Nottingham.




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