Qurbani teaches us the lesson of devotion and obedience which we must also share with our children. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three equal parts. One for ourselves, one for our relatives, and one for those in need which allows the poor to enjoy the food we often take for granted. Thus, Qurbani is a symbolisation of equality amongst all Muslims which teaches children the valuable act of giving.

Qurbani signifies obedience towards our Creator but is that the only reason why we slaughter countless animals? Obviously not. Allah Almighty has not enforced any obligation on mankind that is not beneficial to the people. But how do you explain the concept of Qurbani to the little children who get attached to the sacrificing animal so quickly? The most simple way is by telling the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS). Since many great lessons can be derived from it and children will know the real purpose of Qurbani.


Allah (SWT) appeared in the dream of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and asked him to sacrifice his beloved son, Ismael (AS). Without any delay, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) took his son to Mount Arafat where he told him about his dream. Ismael (AS) immediately recognised the importance of the dream and agreed to the wish of his father and his Creator.

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) did as Allah (SWT) had requested, yet he found that a divine miracle had occurred. Ismael (AS) stood completely unharmed, while the dead body of a ram instead lay in his place. Initially, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) couldn’t understand what had happened; he worried that he had disobeyed Allah (SWT). However, when he heard his Creator’s voice, he was reassured. Thus, Allah (SWT) cares for and rewards the one who follows his commands.

This story serves as an inspirational and educational example for our children. By involving and educating your children in all aspects of Islam, you may ensure that they understand and respect the purpose. This Qurbani, let’s teach our children the value of how an animal gives up his life to become our food.


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