Top tips to get kids excited about Ramadan

Ramadan is undoubtedly the most beautiful month of the whole year. When we think of ourselves to be prepare before Ramadan so why not our kids? As parents, we should put enough effort into instilling a love for Ramadan for our kids.

Parents find it difficult to make their children interested in Ramadan as they are not fasting. Therefore most of the time, Ramadan passes by unnoticed by the children, which is sad. But Ramadan is not all about fasting, right? We can still make the Islamic festivals a fundamental part of our children’s lives, create memories and love for the religion and its rituals.

So let’s make this Ramadan as fun and exciting as other festivals. Let’s make our children fall in love with the month for life.

Tips to get kids excited about the month of Ramadan 

  1. Welcome Ramadan in your home by decorating

Children get extremely excited when they see their home decorated as you decorate on their birthdays or for Eid, you should decorate your home in the month of Ramadan as well. Make a Ramadan banner and garlands, involve your child also so he will be excited for the month to come.

  1. Read books about Ramadan to your children.

In Ramadan read out the books that clearly reveals what Ramadan is all about and why we fast and the incidents that took place in Ramadan. Tell them stories of the Prophets and their sacrifices for the Ummah. You can also make a little library and ask them to select a story book from the shelf and read out loud to each other.

  1. Involve them in charity

We should make our children realize the importance of charity and the zakat from a very tender age. A fun way to engage them in the activity is to ask them to save any spare change from the money they get from their adults ask them if they want to donate before making them understand the essence of this act by stories. So that they will be ready to donate whatever they have.

  1. Daily acts of kindness

Encourage them to do a small act of kindness in the whole month. Make a chart of every day and ask Children to mark whenever he does good deeds. This way, they will have 30 kind deeds for 30 days. You can reward them on Eid day.

  1. Learn small Dua’s

Make them learn small dua’s as the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Once they learn it by heart, keep making them remember when they are supposed to read that Dua.

  1. Ask him/her to help in making iftaar

Children love helping their parents in every activity, and it makes them feel valuable as well. So when you are preparing iftaar, make sure to get help from your little one so he/she gets to know the importance of iftaar.

  1. Set Ramadan goals

Make a chart for your little one to set Ramadan goals. Goals can be something simple like read a story, learn any Dua, doing any good deed, reading one page of Qur’an, five prayers, helping mom etc. the goals are easy but different from their daily routine so in that way they probably will continue to do the same things after Ramadan as well.

  1. Make a mosque out of cardboard!

Create a mosque for your children using cardboard in your home. Get the kids involved in decorating it. Add some fairy lights to it and provide them with prayer beads and mats. This is an ideal time to teach them about Salaat and ibadat.

Make this month of blessing, bless upon your children as well. These pro tips will definitely make your children’s Ramadan a memorable and the most loved month of the year. In Sha ALLAH!

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