Palestine Emergency Appeal

One of the last remaining hospitals of Gaza, Al SHIFA Hospital has been completely destroyed and hundreds killed in and around the building. So far OVER 34,151 HAVE BEEN KILLED. Among the dead are more than 14,500 children and 9,500 women and over 77,084 are injured. Gaza needs our help, please act now.

Ramadan Appeal 2024

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, holds a special place in the hearts of believers as a time of reflection, prayer, and unparalleled acts of charitable giving.

Syria & Turkey Earthquake Appeal

The first earthquake hit at 4:17 am local time when everyone was asleep. People woke up in shock, tried to escape but earthquake was so severe many of them could not get out of the falling buildings. Whole towns and villages collapsed like dominoes with thousands trapped under the rubble.

Morocco Emergency Appeal

A devastating earthquake of 6.8 magnitude has struck Morocco, resulting in over 1000 casualties, over 600 injured, thousands of families homeless and in desperate need of our help. The people of Morocco are facing unimaginable challenges, and together, we can make a difference.

About the Al Mustafa Trust

We engage with projects around the world and continue to help the less fortunate during their greatest time of need. From emergency on-the-ground response to launching projects that support health, education, and sustainable living, our teams deliver life-changing initiatives that empower individuals and their communities.

At Al Mustafa Trust International, battling the water crisis, ending hunger and championing orphans are some of the key areas we focus on. We work in conflict zones to provide food, basic essentials and medical supplies to the needy.

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