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How we use your donation

When a natural disaster strikes and communities fall into a state of emergency, we’re there to deliver urgent care, vital aid and expert medical support. When families are separated and loved ones lost during times of conflict, we’re there in the aftermath to offer support and protect the vulnerable.

When children are unable to access education we develop projects that help them overcome barriers to learning. And when communities struggle to source clean and safe drinking water, we build wells that give a lifetime of clean drinking water.

Our focus is to help those with the greatest need wherever they may be in the world. With your help, we will continue to case suffering, empower those in need and bring hope to communities around the globe.

Water Wellness: Safe and sustainable water for needy communities
Shiny Pearls: Support a widow and help fund an orphan child’s education
Fill A Basket: Help a needy family eat well for a month for just £60!

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